Preparing for the Anthony Davis Backlash

It is coming... Make no mistake, no matter how good Anthony Davis is right now, and how much better he gets as he enters his prime, the backlash is coming. It comes for all athletes; heck, all celebrities. We build them up, imagine perfection, and then get...

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What is the Pelican’s Plan B if They Strike Out on Durant?

If you can’t tell by now that the plan is to go with this roster this year and then make a pitch for Kevin Durant next summer, then you aren’t watching. While the Pelicans fan base seems to think it is a long shot at best (and who can blame them?), Dell Demps and his staff appear poised to take a swing next summer at the NBA’s top free agent. Listen closely and you will hear Alvin Gentry talking about how he believes free agents would like to play here. Tune into Sirius radio and you will hear Joel Meyers mentioning KD to New Orleans is a possibility. Prepare to hear players talk about how fun it is to play in Gentry’s scheme over the next few months and watch for AD to buddy up with Durant at Team USA practice in a few weeks.

While New Orleans has never lured a free agent like Durant (few have), that should not prevent them from taking a shot. The free agent landscape is changing, as market no longer dictates who gets the superstars. Today, you can be just as big of a star playing in Wisconsin or Oklahoma as you can in California or New York, so when players move they often prioritize factors other than size of market. To bring your brand to the next level, you need to win titles and players see that clearly now. With that in mind, the Pelicans’ pitch to any free agent must center around AD — who most believe will dominate the NBA for the next decade, and who practically guarantees the team will be at the very least a contender.

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Can Seth Curry Be a Better Version of Brian Roberts?

In 2012, Brian Roberts was on his way to becoming a European basketball journeymen after playing four years overseas following his college career at the University of Dayton. The New Orleans Hornets and Dell Demps gave him a shot on their summer league squad and he responded by putting up double digits in every game, posting a 50-55-94 (FG, 3-Pt, FT) percentage line. From there, he earned a small multi-year contract from New Orleans as a 5th guard. As injuries occurred and trades were made, Roberts got more playing time than he would have ever expected and played well enough in those short stints to earn himself a 2-year, 5.6 million dollar contract with Charlotte last summer. So, the question is: Can Seth Curry be a better version of Brian Roberts?

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