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Thread: Mavericks @ Pelicans 12/29

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    Quote Originally Posted by bahmamamba View Post
    Ad really sucks tonight

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    Got no lift or drive.

    "We're goin' ta be ohkay'." - Alvin Gentry, 2017

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    Cousins nice pass to..the wrong roster

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    AD is playing kinda soft .. don’t know why
    Dell Demps PLEASE get us some scorers!

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    Boogie. Please. When we're down this much. Don't throw full court passes

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    Zero rebounds for AD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    Got no lift or drive.
    Acting like he doesn't wanna be out there....you guys remember when he had nonstop energy

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    3rd quarter is almost over, A.D. still has 0 rebounds. That's remarkable.

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    I'll accept it if AD gets 5 rebounds in the fourth, minimum.

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    I stepped away from the stream for a while hoping I would come back to a different story.

    We just need a few stops and a few buckets! I know we can do it.
    RIP HunnyB/FlyGirl

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    Cut jameer

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    Wouldn’t have put Nelson back into this game

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    This is a playoff bound team? Like YMCA Playoffs, or Special Olympics?
    If you Jimmer it, they will come.

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    Get going AD

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    Whoever thought up Boogie being a point center should be shown the door. Honestly, for as much grief as Heinkie got for "thenprocess" whoever said "hey, let's have our 7ft center run point" should be shot out of a cannon and into the Mississippi River.

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    Good..only 4 more fouls and jameer can't play anymore

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    AD has a rebound and I had a fit.

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    Nelson can't stay in front of anyone. Why the hell is he in

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    see? you have to reward your big man after he grabs his 1st rebound of the game

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    I love Jrue so much.

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    You gotta guard shooters AD

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    Holy crap we didn't put the ball in Nelsons hands at the end of a quarter remarkable

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    It's 8 points but it feels like 28

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    It's down to 8: 101-109 going into the fourth.

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    AD's pick and roll defense has been atrocious since he came into the league.

    It has not gotten better.

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    Jrue keeping us in this game ... if we can stop them from catching and shooting then we will this game.

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