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Thread: How to fix this team!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wnelson View Post
    We need to turn 4 bad deals into 2 assets. Thankfully we have a pick to sweeten the pot.
    Only problem is do you trust Demps enough to be the one making these moves? Knowing him he will get more 6'3" combo guards that struggle converting open shots.

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    Dell turned buddy Hield, a 1st, and bad contracts into Cousins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythrol View Post
    Dell turned buddy Hield, a 1st, and bad contracts into Cousins.
    What if OKC continues to struggle and want to get some return value for George instead of letting him walk? Other teams may be wary of trading much for him if they assume he will sign in LA. A guy on realgm proposed this trade:
    Etwuan Moore, Solomon Hill, choice of Frank Jackson and Diallo, 2018 First Unprotected.

    Think it would be worth the gamble. Seems reasonable for OKC to get back 2 solid role-players, one or two young potential players, and an unprotected 1st. Pels would still have Asik and Ajinca on the books, but I guess that could be handled in the off-season to see how it plays out with either George or Cousins re-signing, or both.

    Adams/ Johnson
    Melo / Grant/ Patterson
    Hill / Roberson
    Moore/ Abrines/ Ferguson
    Westbrook/ Felton/ Frank J.

    Cousins/ Asik/ Ajinca
    Davis / Cunningham/ Diallo
    George/ Miller
    Holiday/ Allen/ Clark
    Rondo / Nelson

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevemadden504 View Post
    How to fix this team.

    Fire gentry, he's obviously has no clue on how to play 2 of the best big in the league.

    Can Rondo- I was all for Rondo coming to N.O but his inability to score will cripple the offense.

    Can Nelson- he's just to tiny.

    Trade Jrue- although it will be impossible with his contract and lack of production

    Just trade everybody only players worth keeping is A.D and Miller. Everyone is expendable.
    I seriously think you should try to get a job as a GM. Serious potential. Could affect the game bigly. Put me down as a reference please.

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