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Thread: Trajan to the Pistons

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    Pelicans Trajan to the Pistons

    Christian Clark @cclark_13

    Trajan Langdon, David Griffin's top lieutenant in New Orleans for the last 5 years, is leaving to become the Detroit Pistons' POBO. Langdon was in the mix for top jobs in Charlotte and D.C. previously. Woj first on this.

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    Embedded that for you

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    As a farewell gift, he can send us Everything Detroit Has for Brandon Ingram.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    As a farewell gift, he can send us Everything Detroit Has for Brandon Ingram.
    That's less likely now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AUSSIE_PELICAN View Post
    That's less likely now.
    There's also talk of Borrego to Cleveland...might be losing two top Ingram destinations.

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    We are about to get Griff. unleashed. Could be good, could be very bad as M.M. would say.

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    The one guy that was getting things right imo. Sad that he is the one we let go.

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    Lucky we got him for five years, tbh
    BI, Zion, and CJ had a net rating of +3 when on the court together. BI and Zion had a +13.4, BI and CJ had a +13.2, Zion and CJ was just +5.4.

    BI and Zion worked. BI and CJ worked. It was CJ and Zion and all three together that didn't work.

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