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Thread: So apparently Gayle quit paying her Bills!

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    Pelicans So apparently Gayle quit paying her Bills!

    Gayle not paying her bills . Don’ t know what this means but discussions about SKC renovations or even a new arena have been delayed.


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    I wonder if she is tired of owning them.

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    She's playing hardball. Looks like she wants a new arena to me.

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    No, LSED is playing games with Saints. They are contractually required to provide documentation regarding upgrades and expenditures and stopped doing so before December 2023. They have ignored repeated requests for the documentation, so this is the only way to get them to do so without taking them to court. Coincidence this happens with Landry now in office?

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    This has escalated! ESPN now has picked up on the story. This effects the pelicans because it ended renovations to SKC talks.


    Lauscha said it was "absolutely disingenuous and unprofessional for the LSED to make a statement that they are unaware of what we are looking for."

    The LSED statement did, however, reference the lease negotiations.

    "That is a completely separate and independent agreement," the LSED stated. "There is no legal basis to withhold payments under the Superdome Renovation Project Development Agreement based on efforts to negotiate a longer-term extension."
    Lauscha said the Saints became concerned about the tenor of lease negotiations when the LSED and the company the state pays to manage the dome, ASM Global, told the club they "wanted to discuss rolling back some of the rights granted to the team in the current lease."

    "This was clearly not what was agreed to and shocking, to say the least, given how fundamental those rights were to making the partnership function as designed," Lauscha said without specifying which "rights" were targeted by state negotiators. "Given that threat, we told ASM and the LSED that we would have no choice but to hold up construction payments until they agreed to live up to the commitments they made to preserving our rights."

    Currently, the Saints hold various rights to revenue streams generated by the dome, such as those derived from naming rights deals and advertising space.

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    Update: Dennis forked over the money finally. I guess their social media pages were got hit hard.

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