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Thread: Interesting Take from Coop (Video)

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    Interesting Take from Coop (Video)

    The one part of this video that stuck out to me is when Coop played the clip of Zion saying that "it was hard for him to buy-in, but he was trying, and that he had to trust the process". At the time I really didn't understand what he meant... I thought he was maybe talking about Pels culture, but what he really meant was that he really wasn't feeling this "BI as the #1 option" thing. Makes sense now... at least that's how I'm reading him.

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    I mean, that's been pretty evident to me. Not for the first time, Willie Green was attempting to run with Zion as the second option, and not for the first time, the offense blossomed as soon as BI went out and Zion was permitted to take the role as number one. All of a sudden the lack of motivation and buy-in we saw in November was gone, and by the end of the year Zion was showing out again as why he could potentially be one of those top-top tier guys.

    I don't think it's BI actively forcing anything. I don't think he's presenting coaches with ultimatums or sending Zion messages to tell him he has to back off. But I just think it's clear that the fit isn't there and whichever one you try and place as the leader, the other suffers because they simply do not align.

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