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Thread: Suns vs Pelicans Gameday thread 4/1/2024

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    Pelicans Suns vs Pelicans Gameday thread 4/1/2024

    Back at it

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    BIG GAME for us. I hope the boys will be ready.

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    Not a great start. Why do visiting teams seem to shoot lights out in our arena?

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    This is a combination of not being prepared, no BI and just
    always catching a team at home at the wrong time, we they are
    hot. You can call it something else if you want, anyway we are headed
    to the play in tournament once again.

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    Where is Pelicandae?

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    Zion has to expand his game, he has develop or just start shooting mid range shots

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    Now we are looking at play in game. Possibly against Lakers if this continues.

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    So when is BI supposed to be back?

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    A comeback?

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    Maybe if we had a fiver quarter game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freyfamilyreuni View Post
    Maybe if we had a fiver quarter game
    Booker would have had 90 pts

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    This team looks completely worn out. How do we get a game every other day for the next 2 weeks and the Suns last game was Friday from what I ‘m reading. Thanks Adam Silver for killing our team (sarcasm).

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    And another thing, If Ingram is not coming back this season just tell us. Don’t give us this 2 week nonsense again.

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    I will be so sad if we don’t dodge the play-ins

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    I am positive we will lose in a one off game. Avoid it at all costs. Please. No Lakers

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    How could yall not see this coming. The coach has no idea how to motivate his team.

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    No way to be positive about that defensive performance. Felt like 80% of their shots were easy, meanwhile we had to fight for every bucket. They lived in the paint, but we gave up open lanes all night. Just a terrible performance. Need BI back badly to take some focus away from Zion. But that won't solve our issues at the 5.

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    Has BI ever been healthy an entire season?

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    In the next game they need to just blitz Booker and make anyone else beat them. Make KD or Beal score 50 instead.

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