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Thread: November 29th - New Orleans Pelicans vs Philadelphia 76ers - 9-9

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    We may be missing Larry at this rate

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    Jose is back on the bench

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    CJ lighting it up from deep.

    We missed this.

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    BI from 3

    Shooting begets shooting

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    Dyson and Jonas sit and are replaced by . . . Herb and Zion.

    Sixers gotta be sick right now, it's just one thing after another with these Pels

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    End of the first half. Pels up 68-48

    Zion has 16/5/4 with a steal on 7/7 shooting
    BI has 12/3/4 on 3/4 shooting

    CJ has gone 3/4 from 3

    We have 8 TOs, they have 14.
    We have 22 rebounds, they have 13.
    We have 19 assists on 24 made baskets

    Every Pelicans starter is at least a +15; not a single Sixer is a plus anything, their best is -2.

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    Nice to see Dyson get some of his confidence back

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    So why is Embid not playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freyfamilyreuni View Post
    So why is Embid not playing?
    Illness is the reported reason.

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    Zion playing really well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freyfamilyreuni View Post
    Zion playing really well
    Well of course he is, it's almost December.

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    Zion with another steal

    I just checked by the way and he's shooting 127% TS so far tonight

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    76ers sleepwalking

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    This shot chart is basically just a dream

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    Zion just crushing the Sixers right now. Annihilation at the basket.

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    Zion currently has

    27/7/5 with 2 steals on 130%TS; 1 turnover, 0 fouls. 22 minutes.

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    Herb block, BI from 3

    It's a blowout, folks.

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    I like the timeout.

    Yes, they only cut it to 21, but there's enough time in the game for anything to happen. Don't allow any momentum. Stop them now.

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    Cody only one having a crap game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freyfamilyreuni View Post
    Cody only one having a crap game
    Not playing to his strengths. Giving him the ball in situations he can't succeed. He did have a horrible pass at one point though. Still, it's a shame I have more confidence in him than Larry.

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    Gotta say, I do not really understand this timeout

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    Gotta watch it here, only 4 minutes left but the lead's under 20 for the first time in a while.

    Might be an idea to just run the best guys for a few minutes to seal it up.

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    As I say that, CJ, JV, and Zion check back in. Okay.

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    6ers playing rope a dope

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    Zion steal, CJ bucket

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