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Thread: November 26th - New Orleans Pelicans @ Utah Jazz - 9-8

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdman View Post
    We just need a new head coach. It’s that simple.
    I been noticing a lot of ppl saying this. I thought it was just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sterlr View Post
    Dyson will be Ok once CJ and Trey gets back in. He will go to the bench and run with the second team. Herb will be the only non-shooter starter. Dyson will run with either CJ, BI or Zion along with Hawk and Trey on the second unit. I'm concerned with the lack of FT%. A coach must demand more from the team. Willie is too passive...they (team) needs a kick in the butt at times. I had to do this a few times when I used to coach. It's called tough love. Go Pelicans!
    This isn't really the case. Zion isn't really a 3pt shooter, BI isn't really a 3pt shooter at this point (maybe he'll go back to his old ways but right now it's been rough), and while Jonas does take them, he's very low volume. CJ will be the only true 3pt gunner in the starting lineup.

    That said, I agree that Dyson will be fine once CJ and Trey are back.

    The Dyson/Herb/BI/Zion/JV lineup was fun because Dyson and Herb are a fantastic defensive tandem, BI and Zion were playing off each other well, and JV was actually getting minutes - especially when Nance was out. And they were winning their minutes by a lot, so in the moment it was easy for some people to think they should stay together.

    But part of the winning came from luck. Dyson and Herb shot well above their averages from 3 for a couple of games, and our opponents shot really poorly from 3, even when shots were wide open. The last few games, the averages came back down to earth and the issue of the none-shooting lineup crashed back into us. That's okay. It was only even meant to be a temporary solution while CJ was out, and now he's coming back. Get that shooter back in the lineup, let Dyson come off the bench, and things will be okay. At least in that specific regard.

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    Last 2 Minute Report says that Keyonte George was out of bounds while in possession of the ball with about 1.7 seconds to go. Pels should have had another shot.

    A ref was staring right at him at that moment, as well.

    What a botched finish to the game.

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    Our ''easy'' scheduling in December gets easier - Hornets won't have Lamelo, in all likelihood.

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    18-20 3PA a game on 40% incoming in the next 10 days or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post

    Our ''easy'' scheduling in December gets easier - Hornets won't have Lamelo, in all likelihood.
    See two games against a 4 - 11 team w/o Laurie Markkanen for both and one game w/o Jordan Clarkson, then tell me about easy.

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