Pelicans decide to shut the team down for the season during their play in game. A decision was apparently made mid way through the first quarter to tank for a higher draft pick. The plan included allowing Lou Dort and Josh Giddey to score at will while playing Kira Lewis for the first time in several weeks.

They also decided to shut Zion down for the season. Not directly, more as a result of laying a large egg in a must win game.

All kidding aside though, anyone else think BI looked gassed these last 2 games? He looked really tired at the end of the game last night. No excuses because we sucked on defense last night.

We actually lost an elimination game at home to the second youngest team in the league. Kind of disturbing really.

I'm not trying to make excuses but did anyone else think the refs let Dort get away with a ton of contact and physicality on BI? It didn't appear the game was called evenly to me. Dort was in his shirt all night and definitely fouled him several times with no calls. Most notably when he hit the 3 at the end to get within 1.

Oh well, pray for a lucky lottery win and another TM3 type or a functional 2 way center.