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Thread: January 29th - New Orleans Pelicans @ Milwaukee Bucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by neworleanshoo View Post
    I definitely have a personal interest in Trey and it's not like I'm trying to hide it.

    I agree with much of what you're saying, but I'll repeat what I said on another tread that went unaddressed. I think it's pretty unfair to criticize Trey for failing to initiate offense and being active on the boards. It's not his role to do so. He's specifically coached to spot up in the corner and wait for the ball to come to him. He's also coached to hustle down the floor after defensive possessions so he can spot up for an open 3 on transition if it's there.

    I would love to see him create on his own, because he has that ability - and he's starting to do it more anyway - but it's not how his role is designed in this offense.
    He is on a team which is giving up offensive rebounds (second opportunities) to its opponents at an alarming rate. If he is being coached to release on the opponents' shots, we have a bigger problem then even I can fathom.

    Let me get my position straight: We have had a real hard time in the last four years developing our young talent and there is no 'in your face' veteran leadership (Rajon Rondo-like; Chris Paul-like) to usher our young talent along. What we have developed is a KUMBAYA MENTALITY which makes for a serene lockerroom ("Culture"), but fails to advance the product on the court.

    That's why you've seen me write about trading for veteran leadership (if at all) who could orchestrate and set the tone. If no one is being held accountable, aren't we just spinning our wheels?

    A good ********** chewing is often more effective than all the 'at'ta boys' and 'we'll get 'em next times' a player could hope to receive.

    BTW: Do you really think DD is going to learn how to lead a team by watching CJ play?
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    Quote Originally Posted by neworleanshoo View Post
    Totally agree. Doesn't help his confidence that he seems to always get pulled when he missed a couple.
    That's Willie, same with Hayes. These players can't play with confidence like that. When we had nothing to lose last season and Hayes got to play freely he looked good, then when we had something to play for he shrank cause Willie started to favor a healthy Nance over him.

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