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Thread: January 24th - New Orleans Pelicans vs denver Nuggets - 26-21

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    Pelicans January 24th - New Orleans Pelicans vs denver Nuggets - 26-21

    Pelicans are at home again.

    Finally got an update on BI, who has now completed 5-on-5 practice and is upgraded to 'doubtful' on the injury report. Still not sure exactly when he'll return but it should be within the next week or so. Naji Marshall is also listed as 'questionable' on the report.

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    Willie count the Green Fedupfan's Avatar
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    Back to the blender for another L

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fedupfan View Post
    Back to the blender for another L

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    Nuggets travel to Milwaukee tomorrow, if Jokic is iffy they may prefer to have him skip tonight's game. Vegas has us as a 1 point dog, Denver's not great on the road and MPJ is definitely out tonight. This is the kind of game Jonas could get 20+ points and 15+ boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    OK, so it is a probable loss, even though stranger things have happened.

    However, how about the learning and development of the guys who get minutes? Is that happening? My absolutely amateur opinion is that (1) Dyson Daniels looks more comfortable out there and should be untouchable for any trade except maybe Jokic, (2) Jackson Hayes doesn't seem to be developing, (3) Devonte Graham is consistently inconsistent, (4) Trey Murphy should be more aggressive and (5) Naji Marshall has done better than anybody could have expected. Is it not possible that the Pelicans will be better in the playoffs because of this?

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    Willie count the Green Fedupfan's Avatar
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    It’s possible that they will be better, but history of this franchise says other wise. They do not develop well at all. Especially, shooting and player roles. I still can’t tell you what half of these guys role is on offense at all. They still go to iso in key moments and rarely have a good out of timeout play. Lastly, Fred Vinson might be the biggest scam in the league. This team can’t shoot at all. On defense, I think the guards are a lost cause. Outside of Daniels who was already good at defense, I don’t expect them to develop anyone else into even being remotely capable of guarding an NBA body.

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    Thank God for CJ we would have been so screwed without him. He is carrying a big offensive burden for us with our two main guys out

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    We have to run this team. Playing half court with them is playing right into their hands.
    The most important ABILITY that a player must demonstrate in order to claim "Superstar Status" is AVAILABILITY!!

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    Devontae giving us nothing again.

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    Nuggets extend their lead with Joker on the bench by draining threes. That does not bode well for the ultimate result of this game.

    And yes, Graham is once again wasting minutes in a Pels uniform.

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    And down goes Dyson. The season continues to devolve.

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    Willie giving the why me look

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    Willie count the Green Fedupfan's Avatar
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    This guy has called five timeouts and hasn’t made one good adjustment. He looks lost out there

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    This team and its injuries. They will never make it to post season at this rate. 5 loses in a row upcoming. We need our players healthy and on the court. Basically our second team against everyone else starters.

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    Willie count the Green Fedupfan's Avatar
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    The injuries are of course awful, but this doesn’t even look competent. Especially, the vet leaders.

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    i guess naji is the real energy guy.. the injury bug is crazy..

    the fun times will start back up for us in march..

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    It didn’t take long for Temple to make his presence felt

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    oh snap its a 5 point game

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    they made that king cake baby creepy on purpose, had to be

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    Jose is playing like Jose right now

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    Love the fight the team has brought in today. When the team plays like this, the injuries hurt 2x more because you know how good this team could have been.

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    Nice to see Jose getting his swag back

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    As much as I love CJ, i do not want to see him iso on a final possession ever again.

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    CJ does not have a clutch gene

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    Willie count the Green Fedupfan's Avatar
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    Man this guy is costing games a lot now with his relentless bad shooting. Why would that Moron go away from the basket down one point.

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