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Thread: Trey Murphy, Kobe comparison.

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    Trey Murphy, Kobe comparison.

    Am I the only one that see some #8 Kobe in Trey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevemadden504 View Post
    Am I the only one that see some #8 Kobe in Trey?

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    Kobe was a crazy person, who thought he was better than everyone and comported himself accordingly (granted, he was). Trey seems like a good person. So, no.

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    And here I am calling him Danny Grainger....... 😒

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    Lol, Kobe no. I like the Granger or even Robert Horry comparisons.

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    I don't see Trey ever being a high usage rate type of player like Kobe. Btw, Trey's shooting percentages are insane this year: 63.8% for 2ptFG%, 40.2% on 3ptFG%, and 93.9% on FT%. The 50/40/90 club is getting harder to join in the modern era because there are more 3pt shots being attempted, but Trey's current TS% is better than any ever posted by Nash, Dirk, or Bird.
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    So you are saying he should shoot more. I agree.

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    Yes, much closer to Granger than Kobe. I don't see ever him having the elite one-on-one attack off the dribble that the Mamba deployed. Trey's ball handling has certainly improved and I'm sure it well continue to, but he's much more of a shooter who can attack close outs when needed and a tall guy who can rim run and catch lobs.

    If Murphy becomes the player Granger was before injuries derailed his career, that's a huge win for the Pels...

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    Lmaooooooo this a troll thread.
    CAW CAW!!!

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    Murphy still barely has a handle, so no

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    The only player stylistically similar to Kobe is CJ. Takers and makers of bad shots. Trey is just a shooter that needs to shoot a higher volume.

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    The three point accuracy from Trey isn't unexpected, but the really promising part of his game is the jump in his 2pt%: it was 41.8% last season, and is 61.9% this year. He's developing into a legit two level scorer, and also leading the league in FT% at 94.6%. Trey's kind of an extreme example of a modern shooter-- he's taking 63% of his shots from three and 25% from inside 3 ft, leaving only about 12% of attempts in the midrange. He's emphasizing the high value shots more than the vast majority of shooters.

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    Kobe no but I was thinking I could see some Reggie Miller in him.

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