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Thread: Wemby will be a Spur

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    Wemby will be a Spur

    And we'll have to deal with him in our division for years to come.

    Seriously, they just lost to the Lakers twice in a row. They currently look to be the worst team in the league by far.

    The Rockets have Jalen Green/Jabari Smith

    The Magic have Franz Wagner, Bol Bol and Paolo.

    OKC has SGA.

    The Spurs have no leaders who could carry them to wins. Wemby or Scoot will be in a Spurs uniform next year for sure.

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    The Spurs will never let the Lakers lose to them and the Spurs will take all other necessary steps to get the best odds, true. They still may not get him.

    Am I saying there's a chance for NO through the Lakers? Yes. Not great, but we will have a shot.

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    How often does the worst team win the lottery?

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    14% of the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by ml wave View Post
    14% of the time
    Exactly. The OP is unserious.

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    To this point there's a decent chance he and/or Scoot will play in the Southwest Division. Three of the top 6 draft picks to this point belong to Houston, San Antonio, and New Orleans. Dallas is 10th.

    Houston also owns the Nets' pick which is currently 13th. Total Southwest odds right now are 38.5% combined to get the #1 pick.
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    Houston already will be a problem very, very soon. Last thing we need is Wemby or Scoot in Houston. Although maybe not. Teams filled to the brim with young players aren't sure to pan out. Too much overlapping development perhaps?

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