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Thread: January 20th - New Orleans Pelicans @ New York Knicks - 16-28

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    Pelicans January 20th - New Orleans Pelicans @ New York Knicks - 16-28

    Does the losing streak continue?

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    I think it really depends on Brandon. Formula certainly seems to be when he is going well, Pels are a tough out. If he struggles shooting, the team has a hard time beating anyone. If Devonte is out, I'd be interested in giving NAW a start at PG. I've been among those who said that he isn't an NBA lead guard. But I wonder if using him there might, 1) focus him on playmaking and getting in the paint rather than jacking up bad jumpers, and 2) allow Graham to move to the bench, where he seems better suited to being a second unit scorer. Might be worth a look at this point. I'm losing any hope that the team makes a trade to upgrade the position, at least before the deadline this year...

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    Hopefully they can pull this one out. The schedule actually, finally, FINALLY, starts to get easier after this. Only 6 more road games before all star break. Lots of home games against mid-level/bottom dweller teams.

    They can start to really make some headway to .500 if they don't fall apart.

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    When was the last time we won in NY?

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    Devonte Sprayem

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    Alvarado playing out of his mind.

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    I know this ain’t where they saying Zion should be

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    Quote Originally Posted by donato View Post
    Alvarado playing out of his mind.
    He home...he got to show out...

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    If he ain't scoring; he ain't needed. Graham is killing us. He's 0 for 7 with no assists and 1 turnover. Only player among the starters with a negative +/- at halftime.

    Start Alvarado in the second half. If not him, then give his minutes to NAW. Heck the way Graham is playing, Sato might be a better option; at least he'll play defense.
    The most important ABILITY that a player must demonstrate in order to claim "Superstar Status" is AVAILABILITY!!

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    A 1st rounder for Graham, lmao

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    Graham is useless if he can't hit shots... the game changes everytime Alvarado is in the game

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    He’s hitting now , I think Zion healthy can make us a top 4 seed especially after 3 years of playing together

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    Devonte 4-4 in the second half including 3 3's and now +7. As usual the knee-jerk reactions.

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    Of course he starts making shots after getting bad mouthed lol... i still think he would be a better 6th man if the team gets a good pg... im also more comfortable in him jacking up shots with the 2nd unit rather than letting naw do it

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    AMEN!! Crunch Time and Graham out and Alvarado in!!

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    2 costly turnovers by herb this quarter resulting in fast break points

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    We have entered the Jose Alvarado arc.

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    JOSE' ALVARADO. The Pel's Mariano Rivera.

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    Guess Willie has told Jose it's alright to shoot. Lol. Love his energy.

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    Excellent game by Jose in his hometown. Happy for that young man.

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    The Herb and Jose era!

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    Jose is a shot of adrenalin for this team. The guy makes others better by going 100% all the time. Every time he gets minutes that matter he shows out.

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    Also I'm guessing BI is injured? Otherwise he played an excellent all around floor game. Best player on the floor.

    Don't wanna rain on the parade, but somebody come get your boy Temple man. Get yo boy.

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    It was also nice to hear that Josh paid for the tickets to that nets game for Jose's family and BI paid for the tickets on Jose's family for this knicks game

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