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Thread: November 29th - New Orleans Pelicans @ LA Clippers - 5-17

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    Pelicans November 29th - New Orleans Pelicans @ LA Clippers - 5-17

    After managing to split two games with the Jazz - something I consider a great success - we're on the road again in LA, this time to face the Clippers. The Clippers are 11-9, but a lot of their losses have come recently. For example, they're 2-4 over their last 6 games, which includes a loss to us, sustained in one of our best defensive performances so far this season. Herb put PG13 in a straightjacket.

    The question tonight will be whether we can repeat that performance, or if we're simply going to go 1-1 against LAC the way we did against Utah. There's no shame in a loss here, they're a good team that are pretty much destined for the playoffs while we're just starting to recover after a dreadful start to the year, but managing to pick up another win here would be huge for both our momentum and as a sign of the team turning things around as November ends.

    Let's see what happens.
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    I believe in this team, we hold the fort till Zion gets back and we have a shot at the play-in. Anything short of that is a dissapointment

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    Like the Jazz on Saturday, I expect the Clippers to come out hyper focused on this one and want to avenge the loss a week ago. I don't expect to win this one, but hope to see us put up a better fight than we did Saturday.

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    Cant wait 2 see Zion dominate tn!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by b_l_p View Post
    Cant wait 2 see Zion dominate tn!!!

    Don't expect a win but would like to see the defense get back on track. Stop dropping the bigs back so deep. The Clippers can make a lot of wide open 3s too.

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    Not on Herb

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    Pels be making shots

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    Great 1q by the Pels! Lets take the lead to 30+ by half
    Actual proof Greivis Vasquez can throw Anthony Davis an Alley-OOP on an (kinda) fastbreak!

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    Good stuff.

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    Should have taken Pels to win. We ownz the Clippers

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    Can't stand vets fouling 3 point shots.....

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    Jonas has now made more 3s in 22 games than he made in all 62 games last year.

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    Big V popping off!

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    Jonas, jesus christ

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    Jonas has now made more 3s this season than in any season of his career before tonight.

    He's 7/7 from behind the arc. He has 29 first half points.

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    Hey, can we play the Clippers every game?

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    We are all witnesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPel View Post
    We are all witnesses
    Jonas da GOAT

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    7 for 7 of 3s in the first half. Jonas is playing great tonight.

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    when we traded for jonas, i told yall he was a stretch 5 and would open it up for zion....pelicanfan and a couple of others,,do yall believe now lol....

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    What the hell is happening right now?

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    It's so funny, he's hitting them off movement from 25 feet lmfaooooooo

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sterlr View Post
    Hey, can we play the Clippers every game?
    And Memphis too. They beat those teams with or without Zion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eman5805 View Post
    What the hell is happening right now?
    Jonas Valanciunas, best 3pt shooter in Pels history, move over Peja

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