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Thread: Ben Simmons trade stock getting cheaper?

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    NBA Ben Simmons trade stock getting cheaper?

    He is suspended now for our game tomorrow. Now that he is getting thrown out of practices by Doc Rivers do the Sixers take any deal now to get rid of him? Clearly this is the end as a Sixer for him. Does Griffin jump in now ?

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    He doesn't fit here.

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    *cue to Rich Paul licking his chops at bullying Griff into moving his player, again*

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    We just traded someone off the team who wouldn't take the shot. Do we really need another one who won't take the shot and then when he does he will miss it cuz he's trash?

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    I want no parts man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taker597 View Post
    He doesn't fit here.
    He's basically a (worse) bizarro Zion. All the way down to mentality. Why would we want that?

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    I said I'd rather get Ben Simmons than Kyrie. But I don't want Ben either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funcrusher View Post
    He's basically a (worse) bizarro Zion. All the way down to mentality. Why would we want that?
    This is what desperation looks like. I'd rather the injury prone fat boy over this cancer.

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    I would rather we go after Marvin Bagley. Supposedly he’s not even going to be in the Kings opening night rotation, so he should be pretty cheap. I think we need a backup 4 and he could possibly start till Zion is back.

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    If he wanted to be here I would be all for it. Ben is a true PG and plays great defense. He would net us an extra 10 wins alone. Plus I hear he has been working on his shot.
    I'm a grinder

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    We would have the ultimate 2k team Ben Zion big Val b.i Trey 3 walker could be our manu type guy

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    And he’s better than the other LSU guy we got

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