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    Is anyone talking about Reggie Jackson? I’ve had unfair thoughts regarding his capability but he seems to continually making plays and big shots.

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    Jrue Holiday bashers awfully quiet tonight

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    Yeah let’s get Paul George this offseason

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    Paul brick George

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    Trae Young is injured

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    A Jrue vs CP3 finals would be nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13 - 3 View Post
    Trae Young is injured
    Refs will determine a series whether they meant to or not. :P

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    Anyone watching Reddish guard Middleton right now? When in the world did reddish learn to defend like this? He’s smothering him

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    Honestly... Probably my favorite conference finals since maybe 2018 or 2016.

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    So I just turned it on . G.A. Gets injured. Now Jrue is the leader . Bucks losing by 20? Yikes

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    Watching the Stars - The Conference Finals

    Atlanta Hawks: Trae Young (Right Foot)
    Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo (Left Knee)
    Los Angeles Clippers - Kahwi Leonard (Right Knee)
    Phoenix Suns - Devin Booker (Broken Nose)

    Who will be the last star standing...literally?
    Disclaimer: I would never denigrate or defame Zion Williamson as a man or as a basketball player; he will go down as an NBA great and perhaps a Top 10+ player of all time. Any inference derived from any of my posts to the contrary is your mischaracterization of my words, or a sign of insecurity on your part (perhaps both).



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    Get well soon big man. They actually had a shot with all the chaos this year. Would have been nice to see he and Jrue pull up a ship. Damn

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    Freakin Booker! Got to love it

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    Chris Paul can do it all. Including Flopping

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13 - 3 View Post
    16 years in the NBA and his acting hasn't gotten any better.

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    Why Beverly?

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    Turn the lights out at Staples. Suns are going to Finals!

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    They all in Beverly’s head

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    Chris Paul MVP

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    Chris Paul is a genus!

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    I’m so proud of Monty coaching too

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