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Thread: April 7th - New Orleans Pelicans @ Brooklyn Nets - 22-28

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    Quote Originally Posted by sting View Post
    So pathetic on defense
    yeah this is bad...

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    There's just so little in the way of decisiveness.

    The first quarter we got scored on a lot, but there were signs of life on defense. It looks like after trying a bit in the first and getting scored on anyway, people have just decided not to bother.
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    Bledsoe looks so indecisive sometimes when he drives to the rim.

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    3/9 from the floor for Zion as well, in what is his worst FG% since December 27th. Obviously still time for that to improve but ouch.

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    Welp, time to play some NBA 2K.

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    Time to watch baseball

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    I'd rather be hard in the taint

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    ....and if anybody thinks BI, NAW, Kira, or Josh would make a difference tonight, I want some.

    This roster needs to be re-tooled, yesterday.
    Say Cannon Hinnant's Name.

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    The offense just doesn't work without Ingram

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taker597 View Post
    The offense just doesn't work without Ingram
    We're not a good shooting team in general. Take away the guy who is arguably our best shooter and the result is this. We're not taking them, and we're not making them. Easy to defend, completely unimaginative offense.

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    We are 0/2 from 3 off the bench.

    0 FOR 2.

    That's so ridiculous that it's almost impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taker597 View Post
    The offense just doesn't work without Ingram
    Absolutely!! There is no need to guard anybody else on the perimeter.

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    They can start fitting the rings for the Nets right now. Somebody got in the ear of Harden, Griffin, and Aldridge to dog it until your teams get rid of you, then join the superteam.

    Other teams have tried this in the past, but the Nets just perfected it. Small market NBA teams just took another step toward irrelevancy.

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    Bledsoe gone. Everyone come back now

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    Bledsoe didn't wanna be here

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    Thank you referees

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    Where are the posters that said “Knee jerk reactions on this forum” at now?

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    Imagine how bad this would be if Harden were playing. Guess I’m overreacting

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    H'Gomez is limited, but he does rebound well.

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    SVG defenders where are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by As I See It View Post
    H'Gomez is limited, but he does rebound well.
    Agree. The one bright spot so far

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    I’m guessing Dae is done for night too

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