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Thread: Playoffs Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funcrusher View Post
    Pathetic tech on Zingis. Brain cannot process
    Both of his techs were weak tbh
    Tyrese Maxey/Isaac Okoro/Killian Tillie/Onyeka Okongwu/Devin Vassell endorser.

    Eye test people: analytics people watch more basketball than you do.

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    I see Lebron basically throw temper tantrums routinely much worse than Porzingis, and he never gets a tech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkhorse985 View Post
    I see Lebron basically throw temper tantrums routinely much worse than Porzingis, and he never gets a tech.
    Kawhi is doing worse in this literal game

    Lebron already tweeted about how it was a dumb tech as well.

    Basically nobody thinks that tech was okay.

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    Pat Bev just fumbled the ball out of bounds with not a single Mav within 15 feet of him

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    That was very funny. PG put his defender in jail and dribbled up to the FT line before realising that

    A) His big was blocking his path entirely and
    B) He doesn't know what to do to run a set out of jail

    SO he just passes it to Montrezl behind the three point line, and it eventually gets to Pat Bev who airballs a 3

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    Luka Doncic in his first NBA playoff game so far:

    34 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals on 9/16 shooting (56.2%) and 2/6 from 3 (33.3%).

    Yes he's turned it over a ton but come on. First ever playoff game, 21 years old, being guarded by a Kawhi PG13 team.

    And his team is competitive.

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    Love when Doncic and Kleber run a flip. Great little action, and Kleber can be subbed out for Porzingis when he's in without interrupting anything.

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    Fantastic heady play from Curry

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    Clippers hold on to win Game 1.

    Doncic finishes with 42 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assist, 3 steals. 13/21 shooting (61.9%).

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    The Mavericks run an all Euro team, and I’m here for it.
    If you Jimmer it, they will come.

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    As much as Budenholzers minutes management is helpful in the regular season, it really puts the squeeze in his team's in the post season.

    Giannis is wrecking shop, the Magic have no answer, but Bud just won't let Giannis play those extra few minutes to take them into safe territory. It happened last year as well.

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    Bucks are gonna drop game one to the Magic because Bud is allergic to playing Giannis 35 minutes and that is just a tragedy

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    this orlando-bucks game is good plus the refs are letting them play...

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    I guess in Bud's defense, his refusal to play Giannis for real superstar minutes isn't the only thing making them lose this game.

    Middleton and Lopez have been massively off all night, on both ends, and Orlando is shooting lights out from 3.

    When you add all that up, the Buck's struggle in this game makes complete sense.

    However, given how close the game's been, especially when Giannis was still getting play, you have to interpret this as a bad sign for Orlando despite overall controlling the matchup. How often are they going to shoot 50+% from 3, have Middleton and Brook Lopez both fail to show up, and have Giannis getting tugged back and forth to the bench? If they need all three of those things to win one game by not-even-that-much, that's not a great indicator.

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!! Taker597's Avatar
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    Bucks are really missing Brogdon.

    All because they didn't want to go into the tax. Woah...

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    I mean, I think that's rushing to a conclusion a bit.

    They haven't had Brogdon all year and not only has Brogdon regressed significantly, but the Bucks have been better overall this year than last. They lost one playoff game where Orlando played out of their skins good and two of the Bucks best players really had an awful night.

    Orlando took a game from Toronto last year too. Let's not be prisoners of the moment

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    Excited to watch the Thunder/Rockets game.

    Well, partially excited. I can't stand having to watch James Harden in general, he's the closest to unwatchable any player in the NBA gets imo, but I really wanna see how CP3 reacts because not onlly is he going up against his old team, but he's doing so and they don't really use drop coverage so I wanna see how he reacts to not really having the same room to operate in the midrange as he gets most of the time.

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    OKC v. HOU, game of the night!

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    It's such a basic and clever scheme that OKC employ with Adams.
    Get him involved early so the defense have to go to him and then the wings can get theirs later.
    Helps that they have CP3 also.

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    They're pplaying a surprising amount of CP3 off-ball so far. Not liking some of the results at times

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    Harden yelling because he messed up the pass is kinda funny

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    ''Quite honestly I'm not sure where he got fouled there.'' - Stan Van Gundy on James Harden's entire career*

    *he didn't say it was his whole career but it fits

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