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Thread: 76ers announce 20% pay cut to front office / coaches, Embiid donates $500k

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    76ers announce 20% pay cut to front office / coaches, Embiid donates $500k

    Comfrims season is canceled?

    Only at-will employees -- over $50K a year in salary -- are required to accept the Sixers salary reductions. Those under contract are needed to "volunteer" to do it. https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/1...09237471232**

    Adrian Wojnarowski


    Members of Sixers coaching staff and front office on contracts have until Thursday to agree to 20 percent salary reduction, sources tell ESPN. Among many so far, there's apprehension on committing to giving back money -- especially with uncertainty surrounding employment futures.

    Shams Charania


    For Joel Embiid, the $500,000 donation will go toward health and medical relief. The amount toward 76ers employees is to be determined based upon who is affected. https://twitter.com/ShamsCharania/st...57616990209**

    Shams Charania


    76ers star Joel Embiid says he is donating $500,000 to coronavirus relief and helping team workers who are temporarily reducing their salary during pandemic.

    For the record... 76ers owners is worth 3.4 billion.

    Why is Philly always the scum lords of the NBA?

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    Adrian Wojnarowski


    76ers ownership is planning to change course, pulling back on salary reductions for staff, league source tells ESPN.

    That lasted a whole morning.

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    Yeah once the NBA closed the facilities due to shelter in place. It does not look good. Some teams are ready to move on to draft.

    We're trying to monitor and make sure they do the most they can with what they have," Jones told ESPN. "The tough part is what you don't know. You don't know how long the runway is going to be before you're at full speed. A process that took 10 weeks [at the end of the offseason to ramp up to the regular season] might be compressed into 10 days.

    "Getting their bodies conditioned to play again, we're going to need some time. Nothing mimics NBA basketball except NBA basketball. Everybody's going to lose that conditioning."
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