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Thread: Zion is he %100 healthy???

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    Zion is he %100 healthy???

    I can't be the only noticing signs of lingering injury, those dunks he missed in the rising stars game are his bread and butter dunks that he missed, also I can't help but notice a limp in his walk, and on most plays he seems a bit gingerly running up and down court.

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    I think many realize he isnt 100 percent in basketball shape. He still probably wont have his conditioning where it should be until the end of the season if even then. Hes probably just listening to his body and not pushing it too far. Makes sense.

    He does have an akward gait when walking. Maybe he has flat feet or something? Maybe that is how he has been conditioned to walk after going through the rehab and all? Maybe less stress on the knees?

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    I also think we have to remember that he played against OKC the night before. This was essentially a back to back for him; he hasn't played in a back to back yet this year.

    He was clearly tired. He even said it during the game during an interview, that he was worn out. It's an experience he hasn't had before, and it showed a little.

    That said, I do think we have to be a bit sceptical about calling the dunks he was doing ''bread and butter'' and being surprised he missed them. He was doing like, 360 windmills you can miss those even on a good day.
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    I think is dealing with a toe sprain.

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    I remember him colliding with someone in one of the last two games (probably knee to knee) and he was limping a bit. Probably nothing too serious.

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    My uneducated hot take would be that Sleeper nailed it by saying it may have to do with how he is being conditioned to walk after the rehab.....and still beinf a tad out of basketball shape. In any case, nothing that won't go away after he keeps playing another month or two.....or four.

    Plus one to Dae's point about the back to back and Jack is also right about the knee hit. Y'all covered everything. Lol

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