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Thread: Rising Stars Game

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    Man, Collin Sexton really is bad.

    He fooled me a little his first year because he shot really well from 3, but there's been some regression there this year and he's completely failed to add anything to his game. His passing is still low tier and his defense is still trash.
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    NAW just broke off a nasty pass to Mo Wagner, out of the dribble move. Nice stuff.

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    I'm a big film fan. I watched a new movie almost every day.

    I love basketball; I post on here all the time, I watch every single Pelicans game along with tons of other games through the year.

    I absolutely will not watch that Ben Affleck basketball movie they just advertised during this game.

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    NAW just airballed a 3 lol

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    Love Donovan Mitchell and Myles Turner as commentators by the way they're obviously not analysing the game because it's all just chaotic exhibition stuff, but they're fun to listen to and they're talking about Zion's comments about rehab and it's very insightful.

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    Melli splashing the 3!

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    If you guessed that Collin Sexton would lead Team USA in shot attempts, so far you are correct

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    Gotta be real with you, this game is surprisingly dull

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    We've had more Eric Paschall/Collin Sexton minutes than we've had Zion/Morant minutes.

    For a 'fun' exhibition game, that's an issue.

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    RJ fouls Zion to prevent the dunk in transition.


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    That RJ foul on Zion was a hold, tugging on his shoulder to stop him taking off.

    Typical; RJ held Zion down the entire year at Duke, and he's not going to stop now.

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    Morant throws ANOTHER monster lob to Zion!

    Those two have been electric

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    Luka just buried a 50 footer lol

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    Luka wanted to be on highlight reel with that 3. lmao
    Actual proof Greivis Vasquez can throw Anthony Davis an Alley-OOP on an (kinda) fastbreak!

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    Okay so apparently that Zion monster dunk broke the rim? I couldn't see it clearly on the feed but Myles and Donovan were talking about it a bit, and some people on twitter have mentioned it.

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    Oh I see! My mistake was that I was looking at the rim, which was still straight relative to the backboard.

    It's the entire backboard he broke! Makes sense.

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    Myles Turner complimenting Zion's passing vision as being underrated when people talk about him

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    Zion with a massive right handed tomahawk

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    Honestly, as soon as Zion, Morant, and Trae sit, Team USA becomes instantly dull beyond belief.

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    Zion's not gonna win the MVP of this game Mainly because he hasn't taken enough shots

    Zion's taken 8 shots.

    Kendrick Nunn has taken 11, Trae Young 12, Miles Bridges and Collin Sexton both 9, Eric Paschall 10.

    Zion's 7/8 from the floor (87.5%) so the efficiency is still there, but other guys have outscored him because they just shooting more.

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    Zion misses a 360 windmill lol

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    Zion misses a between the legs

    Brandon Clarke hits a 360

    This is just a dunk contest now

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    Zion missed a between the legs 360

    Not his night at all on the dunks

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