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Thread: 13th February - New Orleans Pelicans vs Oklahoma City Thunder - 23-31

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    Aggressive Transition Jrue
    Tyrese Maxey/Isaac Okoro/Killian Tillie/Onyeka Okongwu/Devin Vassell endorser.

    Eye test people: analytics people watch more basketball than you do.

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    Great help from Zion on Gallinari there and then on the other end, draws the foul on CP3 under the basket. Wasn't a shooting foul, but still.

    Guys can't defend Zion, they just hold and grab. Fouls a plenty.

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    LOL....no high 5 for Josh from Zion there.

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    SGA burns us on a late closeout.

    2 straight turnovers in a row on our end.

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    Hart played better defense on Nerlens there than any of the bigs did

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    Lonzo died, was buried, and had a full mourning ceremony, on that screen. Jesus Christ.

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    Four Guard Lineup

    Big lol

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    I'll buy him the damn ticket to Erie.
    If Lebron and Company are so concerned about social injustice, let them give up their Nike Multi Million Dollar Endorsements until working conditions improve for workers at Nike's sub-contractor sweatshops in China.

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    Jax lob!

    Edit: dunk lol, no idea why I said lob

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    FFS Gentry please put Melli on the court

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    Jax lob!

    Edit: dunk lol, no idea why I said lob
    Crash and Flash in less than 20 seconds.

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    I have never, and maybe will never, understand why people lean into stuff rather than moving their feet.

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    I have that geriatric finger roll patented.

    Thats now 2 games that our players owe me money.

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    Awesome off-balance finish from Jax

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    Awesome defense by Jax

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    Oh wow, awful pass from CP3

    Not a phrase I say too often these days

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    Leading 30-29 after one.

    Not a perfect quarter by any means. But we won it, so it'll do.

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    It would really ******** me off if
    Ingram decides to play in the all star game while missing important games like these for our playoff run...

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    How strong is Zion?

    To go up through Steven Adams, get the obvious foul, and finish it in.

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    That's going to go widely unnoticed but great D from Zion fronting Adams in the post, the switching out to cover Gallinari when Moore failed to rotate, then getting back to Adams before he could go for the board.

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    Another turnover, more points off mistakes.

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    Running no actual offense here.

    Then Redick gets whacked on the board on the other end.

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    Schroder beat Frank there on the very first step.

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    Lonzo deflects the skip pass from CP3, great early read frmo him there

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    Schroder completely beats Frank to the hoop again

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