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Thread: 13th February - New Orleans Pelicans vs Oklahoma City Thunder - 23-31

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    Pelicans 13th February - New Orleans Pelicans vs Oklahoma City Thunder - 23-31

    So here it is; the last game before all-star break. We've won 3 in a row (Bulls, Indiana, Blazers) which is very nice, and we have a chance to get even closer to .500 tonight. Before I break down any of the numbers, here's the injury report:

    Nothing really new; Ingram still questionable. To be honest, I'm tempted to just say sit him: it's the last game before a big long break, if there's any real issue at all, let him start his break early. No need to pressure him in if he's still feeling it. Of course, if he's okay to go, then play him, but don't try and rush anything.

    As for this game; Oklahoma City Thunder. They are 32-22, behind yet another fantastic year from all-time great Hall of Famer, Chris Paul. They have gone 17-8 since Christmas. They are only 0.5 games behind Dallas for the 6th seed, which means they could very easily make 6th before the year is out.

    OKC has a good offense, 14th in the NBA, and a solid defense (12th) but neither are spectacular. They're a slow team, 23rd in pace. They're 7th in FG% and 4th in FT%, but are pretty mediocre from long range at only 12th. They're bottom 5 in assists, and bottom 10 in rebounds and steals. Part of this is due to pace, of course, but it still represents a problem for them worth taking advantage of, especially when we are such a dominant offensive rebounding team. OKC doesn't beat itself though; they don't turn it over or foul much, falling in the bottom 10 in the league in both stats.

    Other players have been good for them (SGA, for example) but the real story is Chris Paul. Averaging 17.5/5/7 in 32 minutes a game, CP3 still has it. What's more, he's been relatively healthy, having played 53 games this year; they've only played 54.

    He's shooting ridiculously well from all over; 60.8% TS overall, but that includes a truly stupid 84% at the rim, 52% from the paint, 53% from the short midrange, and 53% from the long midrange too. It's worth noting that only 6% of his FGAs are at-rim attempts, so that 84% efficiency is on extremely low sample size, but still; impressive.

    Only 14% of his makes are assisted. He's just self-creating tons and tons of stupidly efficient offense, all the while playmaking for everyone else; he's a +8.2 on/off. Plus, somehow he's still an excellent defender. This is a 34 year old point guard who is barely 6'0 tall, people. What he's doing this year is all-NBA, undoubtedly. He's still top 20 in PIPM, just for added benefit.

    That's the run-down, really. We don't necessarily need this one, I wouldn't call it a must win, but it would be great for momentum's sake if we could clean up with a victory tonight before heading into all-star break. 24-31 incoming?

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    Set back game kind of feel tonight. OKC on a losing streak
    . They usually have our number.

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    We haven't had Zion in previous encounters with OKC.

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    This game is a typical test for our team...
    overcoming our own weaknesses ...

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    Just sit him, man.

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    Will we finally finish the job against OKC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spec3333 View Post
    We haven't had Zion in previous encounters with OKC.
    Or Favors.
    They were also missing Zo for one of the games.
    BI only played 13 minutes for the 1st game for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post

    Just sit him, man.
    Yea, I'd sit him, so he can enjoy the ASG.

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    Just sit the dude, Christ almighty.

    The game starts in less than 2 hours. If theres enough doubt that we don't know 2 hours out, probably worth just sitting him. Winning this game is not the long term priority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post

    Just sit the dude, Christ almighty.

    The game starts in less than 2 hours.
    Quote Originally Posted by kinglio21093 View Post
    Yea, I'd sit him, so he can enjoy the ASG.
    ^ Seriously!!!!

    Coach trying to get fired b4 the All-Star game? This is the only way it happens.
    Actual proof Greivis Vasquez can throw Anthony Davis an Alley-OOP on an (kinda) fastbreak!

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    Seems like no Ingram confirmed.

    That's the right choice imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post

    Seems like no Ingram confirmed.

    That's the right choice imo.
    It might be a case of Ingram wanting to play and the staff letting him warm up to see how it feels. But yes, definitely the right call to sit him out.

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    Coming into tonight, Zion has scored at least 20 points in 5 straight games.

    This is the longest streak of 20 point games for a Pelicans rookie in history; the previous longest streak was 4, held by Darren Collison.

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    Favors looked terrible on both of those possessions. Totally lost Adams and then turned it over on the other end.

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    Zion stays grounded on a Gallinari pump fake and then stays on his toes to prevent the drive; great defense.

    Favors then holds Adams and gives up the and-one.

    Early game jitters from Favors.

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    Watch the bench. They are all genuinely having fun with each other.
    Thanks Pelicans Report - I get a laugh or three every day reading this thing. Hoping the magic returns to the SKC soon.
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    Offensive board and dunk from Zion.

    Seen that a few times this season

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    Jrue gives up a decent look for a great look for Zion. Paint was wide open for the first 10 feet.

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    Favors fumbles the pass from Jrue and then misses the shot.

    In his defense, the pass was a little late, but still not great.

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    Zion just set a really heavy screen on CP3 lol

    Jrue draws the blocking foul

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    Feel like our defense is gonna be our achilles heel tonight

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    I will never support the 15 foot turnaround jumper from Lonzo.

    I don't know, I haven't checked the numbers, but it feels like he's 2 for 20 on those this season or something

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    Jrue gets the offensive board and drops the nice pocket pass into Favors.

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