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Man. This was the Jah I was looking for all year. Last year he flat out balled out and I was expecting him to carry this out to this year. I think his problem is consistency. When his typical moves don't work, he falters and he becomes an empty body on the court. Really hope he keeps this up.
The issue with Jah has never really been that he can't score, everybody knows he can even if it's not always the prettiest thing in the world. His issues lie elsewhere: you highlight one of them here, regarding how easily he can get demotivated when things aren't clicking on offense.

The other things include his passing, which is usually pretty poor: this game was actually an exception. He wasn't Arvydas Sabonis or Nikola Jokic or anything but he passed perfectly well and made some solid reads, it was nice to see. The final main thing is his defense, which is just not good and probably never will be. He's a big body so he can have some defensive utility just by standing in front of someone when they drive and blocking space, and he can sometimes get some blocks because of his height, but asking him to defend in space or on the perimeter is really a bad idea.

Which is fine, for the 3rd big off the bench. If we needed him to start for us regularly, it would be upsetting. But we don't, we just need him to provide spot minutes here or there, cover for occasional injury, stuff like that, and he's fine for that.