Seen this floating around recently on Twitter and I figured it might be pretty interesting. Just something kinda light-hearted, to give us something fun to talk about despite all the losing and the injuries. As a result, by the, please don't argue obviously discussion and debate is one thing, but nobody needs to get angry or upset or argumentative in this thread. That includes me

So, basically the premise is simple: NBA based hot takes. Can be about historical players or current ones, coaches, eras, whatever. Just hot takes that you legitimately believe but that you think are niche views, or uncommon opinions.

I'll start with a couple of mine:

1 - Steve Nash is a top 20 player of all time despite not winning any rings, and was better than Stockton.
2 - Dwyane Wade's health was his biggest downfall, and when healthy he was decisively better than Kobe.
3 - Allen Iverson was actually a very good passer and PG, contrary to his chucker reputation.
4 - Kawhi can still turn it on when it comes to defense, but overall his defense has regressed significantly from his days in San Antonio
5 - Screening is the most important auxiliary skill for a big to have; adding extra range to the shot or getting blocks is far less vital.

So there's some of my hot takes. I have others but I thought I'd start off fairly lightly What do you guys think? What are your hot takes? Everyone's got at least one.