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Thread: Dubious Laker No-Calls

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    Dubious Laker No-Calls

    NBA Refereeing makes NFL Officiating look infallible. Evidence Wednesday Laker game:

    1. THE LA SQUEEZE PLAY - BI was clearly fouled by both Davis and LBG when he was sandwiched while driving to the goal late in the game.
    2. THE BIG FLOP OF NEW ORLEANS - Davis clearly fouled Hart at end of third quarter when he flopped and claimed a phantom injury. Referees said, "Play On".
    3. THE PASS-THROUGH THAT WASN'T - Holiday was clearly fouled by LBJ when launching a three (third quarter). When LBJ whined the referees awarded the Pels a side out.
    4. SEE DWIGHT JUMP - JUMP, DWIGHT, JUMP - Dwight Howard clearly goaltended against Reddick in the Second Quarter
    5. KUZMA GETS A BREAK, JUST KUZ - Kuzma loses control of his dribble in front of Pels Bench (Holiday Guarding). Ball ends up out of bounds (end of 3rd quarter). Ref claims it's off Holiday. NOT!!!
    6. LBJ's CHICKEN WINGS AND SPIRITS - James hooks Hart under the basket for a layup to open the fourth quarter.

    ….and even with these gifts courtesy of the "Collins Krewe", the Lakers feature the biggest crybabies in the league. There's no doubt that Jeannie's team is 'CHARMIN SOFT'!!!
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    Here is the final 2 minutes report for the Lakers v Pelicans game.


    Based off of their reviews that they've made public. In the final 2 minutes of the game they did not miss a call or make an incorrect call. They provide a video clip for each call / potential call and then provide a comment as to why it is correct.

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    I felt like the Lakers did get a bit of favoritism on the calls (especially Jrue's 3pt where Bron fouled him) but that this was WAY less biased than most other games, this season. Other games, I am making voodoo dolls of the refs to inflict serious harm, this game I think I only muttered under my breath once or twice. After the game, I was thinking to myself about how I thought the refs would have jobbed us more since it was the Lakers and we were up most of the game.

    It's sad to say, the NBA has me so used to getting royally screwed that I am happy with a slight bias.

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    They signaled to review almost every play. Because they knew they were gonna get embarrassed if they ever got punked. Then of course they got what they want because the refs will cater to Bron Bron if he whines enough.

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