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    "New Orleans (16-27) has had several instances lately in which multiple player statuses were not determined until gameday or just prior to tip-off, a scenario that may repeat itself Monday, when the Pelicans visit the Memphis Grizzlies on national television (4 p.m., TNT, 100.3 FM).

    JJ Redick (left hamstring strain) is listed as probable to play in his second straight game, but Derrick Favors (lower back soreness), Jrue Holiday (left elbow tricep strain) and Jahlil Okafor (lower back soreness) are questionable to play. Zion Williamson (right knee scope) appears on the update as doubtful, with his target date to return being Wednesday vs. San Antonio.

    Kenrich Williams (right lower back soreness) and Darius Miller (right Achilles surgery) remain out for the Pelicans."

    Cool. So no setbacks...so far.


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    What they found had defied conventional wisdom: mass has no independent relationship to risk of injury. Rather, it serves as a multiplier for the other three factors. So when Zion Williamson told ESPN on Dec. 25 that the Pelicans were tweaking how he walks and runs, the aim was to manage the first three variables in order to control for the fourth.
    "If Zion's mechanics are clean," Elliott says, "then I'll take him all day with his weight."

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckyman View Post
    Some of the stuff in this article is bonkers good. Great writing.

    Later in the session, Williamson completed what is known as a box jump, in which he jumped down from an 18-inch box before quickly leaping as high as possible. When he did, those force plates recorded that he had created 4,900 newtons worth of force -- about twice the amount needed to crack a brick with a karate punch. It was also the highest such figure the P3 officials had ever seen.

    Says Dr. Marcus Elliott, founder of P3: "Zion has the highest peak force of any athlete we've ever assessed -- and he was still in high school."
    Just to give more context to what you were saying about mass, as well:

    AT THE END of the 2018-19 regular season, P3 completed a five-year study of 481 NBA players it had evaluated in the hopes of understanding one thing: What are the biggest factors that can lead to serious knee injuries?

    After combing through at least 500 variables, officials were surprised to learn that four stood out as driving the majority of risk -- and to learn how different those first three variables were compared to the fourth.

    The first three focused on mechanics -- how the foot rotates over the course of a jump; how the femur rotates relative to the shin; and the ability to control landing from a jump using the hips.
    Basically what some of us have been saying all year: the weight may exacerbate certain issues, but it is not itself a huge issue, as long as the mechanics are under control.

    Glad to actually have some evidence (this P3 study) to hand to back that up, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    Jerseys are so clean. Just wish they brought back the earned ones too.

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    They're desperate for that ZION time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    Surprised the NFL didnt show up with palms out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post

    They're desperate for that ZION time.
    Looks liek they also added the March 11th game against Sacremento.

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    Zion has indeed picked up a Mercedes endorsement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post

    Zion has indeed picked up a Mercedes endorsement
    I need a good laugh, post AD’s.
    If you Jimmer it, they will come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UNO Gracias View Post
    I need a good laugh, post AD’s.
    Ruffles potato chips, ExxonMobil, Boost Mobile, Red Bull, Nike, Footlocker.

    Might be more but that's what I remember.

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    Not sure if this means anything or if it's just typical business, but here it is.

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