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Thread: Post Pre-Season Statistical Summary

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    Post Pre-Season Statistical Summary

    Now that pre-season is up, I figured it would be a good time to just look at what the guys did during those games overall. I've posted statistical updates at the end of each game-thread, but this is a place to discuss overall performances, overall statistical impacts, etc etc.

    So, I decided not to count guys who only played a handful of minutes, or only appeared in one game (sorry Bigby-Williams). I've only counted guys who played in at least 3 games, and who averaged at least 15 minutes a game in those appearances. All pre-season numbers are a small sample size, but at least that sets a threshold that keeps out the absolute none-factors.

    Here are the full roster preseason stats for guys who appeared in at least 3 games, and averaged at least 15mpg. Stats are given in PTS/RBDS/ASTS/STLS/BLKS order, turnovers listed separately. Team high averages in bold.

    Lonzo: 9.4/3.6/5.4/1/0.4 with 1.6 turnovers. 50.3% TS, 0.31 WS, 17.64 PER, +4.5 Net Rating
    Jrue: 15/2.5/3.8/1.5/0.8 with 2.3 turnovers. 65.9% TS, 0.43 WS, 28.25 PER, +17.5 Net Rating
    Ingram: 14.4/4.4/2.2/0.8/0.2 with 2.2 turnovers. 56.1% TS, 0.26 WS, 19.02 PER, -1.5 Net Rating
    Zion: 23.3/6.5/2.3/1.5/0 with 2 turnovers. 73.7% TS, 0.74 WS, 34.42 PER, +28.8 Net Rating
    Favors: [Did not qualify, averaged under 15mpg]

    NAW: 15.4/2.6/4/0.8/0.4 with 2 turnovers. 62.3% TS, 0.46 WS, 29.94 PER, +10.5 Net Rating
    Redick: [Did not qualify, averaged under 15mpg]
    Hart: 8.8/4/1/0.8/0.3, with 0.8 turnovers. 61.4% TS, 0.21 WS, 15.40 PER, +10.4 Net Rating
    Kenrich: 3.4/5/1/1.2/0.6, with 1 turnover. 65.4% TS, 0.19 WS, 9.8 PER, +10.4 Net Rating
    Okafor: 10.3/4.8/1.5/0.3/0.3 with 1.8 turnovers. 72.3% TS, 0.31 WS, 26.39 PER, +19.1 Net Rating
    Melli: 8.4/5.4/2/1.2/0.4 with 2.2 turnovers. 51.7% TS, 0.08 WS, 15.4 PER, -9.2 Net Rating
    Moore: 5.5/1.8/2/0/0.3 with 0.8 turnovers. 49.3% TS, 0.05 WS, 10.25 PER, -8.8 Net Rating
    Hayes: [Did not qualify, averaged under 15mpg]
    Frank: 11.4/1.4/1.2/0.4/0 with 1 turnover. 68.6% TS, 0.29 WS, 20.97 PER, +11.6 Net Rating

    Beyond that, since we all loved NAW this pre-season (justifiably, his counting stats have been impressive, his TS% is fantastic, and he plays very good defense), I found this tweet concerning him pretty interesting:

    As you can see, it ranks NAW according to where he fell in terms of percentile at his position this pre-season. Some of those stats are pretty impressive: 94th percentile, pretty much, in assists. 99th percentile in points. In the top 25% in points, shots taken, points per 20 pos, threes taken, 3pt efficiency, and assists. Only really falls below the 50th percentile when it comes to rebounding, where he was very average indeed.

    Obviously PER is far from a perfect stat (it doesn't measure defense that well, it relies on production more than anything else, etc etc) but if you were to take our top 5 players by PER this preseason, they would be;

    1) Zion
    2) NAW
    3) Jrue
    4) Okafor
    5) Frank

    Just pretty interesting.
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    Also, just looking some stuff up to do some per 36s and comparisons for our rookies to others. Here's NAWs per 36 stats, plus some other notable guards in this class.

    NAW (per 36):
    30.1 points
    5.0 rebounds
    7.8 assists
    2.2 stls/blks
    47/48/81 shooting splits.

    Tyler Herro for the Heat (per 36):
    20.4 points
    5.0 rebounds
    2.7 assists
    1.7 stls/blks
    45/51/85 splits

    Coby White for the Bulls (per 36):
    27.0 points
    5.9 rebounds
    0.5 assists
    0.8 stls/blks
    45/43/75 splits

    Yes, that's correct. Coby White, point guard for the Bulls, averaged 0.5 assists PER 36.

    Jesus Christ that's bad.

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