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If the half-time break, all ads, all timeouts and the time it takes for guys to get to the free-throw line are all deleted, how long does a normal game take to watch? Naturally, it would take over 48 minutes, but I would guess you could see a cleaned-up game in around an hour instead of the 2 hours or so it take to have a game.

Is there a source of cleaned-up complete games to review?
Somewhere between 2 and 2.5 hours, on the live stream. If you watch a game back though, particularly on NBA League Pass (which I have), you can fast forward through long refs decisions, ads are taken out, there's no half-time show, you can skip ahead five seconds to skip FTs if there are a lot of them, stuff like that. When you do that, a 48 minute game takes maybe an hour and ten to watch, sometimes a bit less.