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    NBA Jeremy Lin

    Jeremy Lin just signed with the Beijing Ducks. Would he be a good fit for us?

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    In what role?

    We've got a full roster and more guards than we know what to do with, so it's less a question of fit and more a question of who you'd be cutting if you went after him. Given that he's not been very good recently, and that he's had a lot of injuries, I think I'd be staying away. Just keep the roster we have for now and go into the season with it.
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    No. We've got way more than enough guards that will be fighting for minutes as it is. Guys we've already spent picks on and time developing, guys we just traded for.

    Wanna cut NAW for Lin? Hart? Jackson? Nah.

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    I am always in favor of NBA names that aren't quite up to NBA standards moving abroad. This helps the game as a whole. Stephon Marbury has done arguably as much to grow the game as LeBron. Let that sink in for a minute. He has brought the game to more people than the best player of a generation by playing in a country of 1.4 Billion that craved star power.

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    I hope you haven't made a comeback just to make this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by apjung View Post
    Jeremy Lin just signed with the Beijing Ducks. Would he be a good fit for us?
    hard pass.

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    No. We have to focus on growing our young guys. Lin wouldn’t get the playing time he would want anyway. We need to see how Favors and Okafor do because we may not afford to keep both long term. We also need to evaluate Ingram to determine is he’s worth paying.

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