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Thread: How David Griffin Rebuilt the Pelicans and His World

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    I find it hard to get too worked up about this. First, who cares about Rich Paul?
    Nobody. The entire issue, the entire problem that people are concerned about, has almost nothing to do with Rich Paul.

    The issue and concern is the unnecessary barriers being put in place for people, in particular because the higher education system in the US (upon which this is dependent) is notoriously classist and racist.
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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    Wow. NCAA did not want to fight Rich Paul. Well in a rare move NCAA reversed decision. Everyone happy now.

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    Well, this isn't really a free agency thing, it's more general off-season but

    All those Lakers fans who were praying that Boogie would be back and healthy this year to help them.out can kiss those prayers goodbye. Boogie is gonna be out for a loooooong time.

    Ruptured Achilles, torn quad, torn ACL all within 24 months. Dudes legs have just given up.

    Edit: totally misclicked, this should have been in thefree agent thread but oh well doesn't matter
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