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Thread: What is Zion?

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    What is Zion?

    What position does Zion play? Is he a 4? Can he be a 3 or 5?

    If you had to peg him as 1 position or another, what is he?
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    I guess a 4/5 both offensively and defensively. Players never play one position exclusively these days anyway

    I don't think he could guard 3's at this stage

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    He's a big. But if you had to put a number on him, he's a 4. A 4 who can hold his own switching out onto smaller guys and can guard a big too. You probably want him roaming, boarding and running as much as possible.

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    There's no single position. There are very few players in todays' NBA who are pure positional players.

    If I had a gun to my head and was forced to name a position, I'd go with power forward: a 4. But in the course of a game, I think he could play pretty much 1 through 5, and on defense he's capable of 1 through 5 all the time.
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    isn't that the problem ppl don't know what he is and that's one of the exciting things about him

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