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Thread: By trading the 4th

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    By trading the 4th

    Correct me if I am wrong but did we just force the AD trade to July 6th and effectively drop their cap room from 32 to 24 possibly (if AD keeps bonus) unless they offload all contracts and have to pay to do so further hurting them years to come (would probably have to offer cash and their second round future picks) While at the same time opening a max or near max space for ourselves by offloading Hill ?

    It would be the cruelest strike if after everything settles we scoop up someone they were hoping for in free agency from this thus even helping the value of their future picks we have. I am not saying KLeonard or KDurant or KIrving as I don't think any of them are truly in play but more like tier B like Hortford. You know AD does not want to play C all season.

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    Not necessarily (Atlanta could agree to wait as well) but in all practical ways, yes.

    Nobody ever expected us to move the trade date anyway, because there was no reason for us to do so. We wanted our new rookies on our team as quickly as possible, and by keeping the trade date close, we get them pretty much a month before we would otherwise do so. That's great because it means even though they'll miss game one of summer league, we'll be able to play them after that, and get them a little run with Zion, Jackson, and some of the UDFAs.

    It doesn't really matter too much in terms of whether LA would be able to afford a max contract, because even if we did agree to move the date, LA would not have a max unless they moved all of their young guys, including Kuzma, without taking any cash back and also convinced AD to refuse his trade bonus. Since AD is definitely keeping the bonus, and their desperation to keep Kuzma is part of what allowed Griff to fleece them, they were never going to get a max slot.

    Something that really keeps getting on my nerves is that the media keeps talking about LA getting Kawhi, or Kyrie, or someone else on a max.

    They do not have a max. Even if they could convince Kawhi to come to LA, they could not pay him unless he was willing to take a pay-cut, which we know he won't do because he just opted out of his contract because it didn't pay him enough.

    So basically, tl;dr, yes it does screw the Lakers over even more, but frankly they were screwed the moment they made the trade and this is just icing on the cake. They wouldn't be able to get a true superstar anyway.
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    According to the tweet in this article,
    it says
    If the Pelicans choose to fold their Anthony Davis trade with the Lakers and their trade of Solomon Hill with the Hawks into one, they can create a $27.1M trade exception, which they could bypass in favor of $30M+ cap room.

    So there is some motivation to delay the date. Not sure how much value that trade exception is. Can one sell trade exceptions?

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    No but we could only use it absorb salary in a trade to exceed the cap. It would be very valuable if we had FAs that we could resign to eat away the 30+ million in space we have. For example, if we had the full bird rights to Julius randle, we could resign him for say 25 million dollars then use the trade exception to acquire a player making no more than 27 million and still have our MLE and Bi-annual. or at least the tax MLE since that would probably push us over the tax line.

    But we don’t have any bird rights feee agents of that quality.

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    Hawks won't budge off the 6th unless they are ok with their selection NOT playing in the Summer League. I doubt they would do that unless LAL compensated them more.
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    Yes once we traded the 4th it was agreed before hand that the trade would take place on the 6th. It's been reported that one of the issues they had with finding a 3rd partner was no team was willing to wait the 30 days.

    There has also been talks about how we could split the trade into two separate ones so unless Atlanta really just wants to absorb those 3 Laker contracts for minimal assets (I highly doubt they do) we don't even need the Lakers in the 3 team part. There's very little to no leverage the Lakers have to get to 32m in cap space. Unless the Hawks have agreed to take on those players and just nothing has been announced I think it's highly unlikely the Lakers will have max cap space.

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