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Thread: Poll: Feelings about Davis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coreyinthe504 View Post
    I was a lot more broken up about the Chris Paul trade. Anthony Davis never did much for this city.
    It's because this year was a bit disappointing even before the trade demand. AD has been to the playoffs twice and won what 5 playoffs games in his career? You're right never did much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythrol View Post
    If that haul we got was after hurting our leverage I couldn't imagine what it would be like if we didn't have hurt leverage. Lol.
    Same trade +Kuz

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    This video is fantastic.
    Paying attention to the next draft too early.

    Tyrese Maxey/Isaac Okoro/Oscar Tshiebwe endorser.

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    I can’t say good luck cause I hope he stays injured and we get great draft picks. But I have no ill feelings toward him. I loved him just like CP3 during his time here and was grateful to have him so my favorite team was decent & fun to watch. I wish we could of did more with him, but we didn’t. He was injured too much and we didn’t have the greatest team around him for most of his time here. Dell Demps didn’t help too much and I’m so glad we have a legit person running things now. Someone that knows when you have a small market team you have to build through the draft and not trade all your picks chasing a star. I was hoping AD, Boogie, and Jrue could luck us into a title, but that Boogie trade ended up being Demps downfall. It seemed good at the time and possibly the only way to keep AD, but it failed miserably. You can’t foresee injuries happening. We had that nice run sweeping the Blazers, but Golden State was just too good. I thought we were gonna be really good last year with the signings of Randle & Payton to replace Boogie & Rondo. We started like a house on fire, but then Payton got hurt, then Nico, then AD, and the season was wasted. Injuries killed us again like always, but hey we got Zion cause of it baby!!

    I’m just glad he did like CP3 and let us get something back for him. But I didn’t like how he handled it with the T-shirt and the flipping off fans BS! IMO we have gotten the biggest haul for a single player in NBA history, so I can’t hate him too much. Plus it’s perfect timing since we got the most hyped player since LeBron James joining us next season. If not for LeBron and Rich Paul ruining his chances of staying, I think he’s dumb to leave now that we are getting the best player under 21 in the league. When AD turns 30, he’s gonna wish he stayed with Zion IMO. I would hope he died(j/k) on the flight to LA if he pulled a “decision” type move like LeBron. I wasn’t even a Cleveland fan, but was a LeBron fan until he pulled that garbage on TV too for crying out loud. I never looked at him the same after that and he was forced to go back there to win a title. It’s his freaking home town team pretty much, so he probably would of went back anyway. I don’t know if does though without Kyrie being there.

    Good luck to make it to the 2025 conference finals where my NOLA Pelicans sweep that A!! Other than that I hope he stays injured.
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    Him not wanting to even consider waiving the trade bonus makes me hate him now even more.

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