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Thread: D'Angelo Russell does have some red flags

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    D'Angelo Russell does have some red flags

    Just FYI. But I'm ok if we sign him.

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    We very probably won't be signing him. We have about $20m in cap, and he's gonna be looking for a max. Somebody will give it to him, whether it's Phoenix (desperate for a point guard), NYC (may bust out on all other FAs now Durant is injured and AD is a no-go), etc.
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    If the Nets sign Kyrie, I would try to sign Russell with a lower first year and backloaded a tad. Then I would try to move Ball with Hill or Moore later if we were able to sign Russell. I would like to bring in a max guy since his contract will come up when Zion is due for a new deal. Red flag or not, I think Russell is a beast compared to Ball. We could use his shooting in starting lineup.

    Then come 2022 we could have a Zion, DLo, Ingram big 3 as our max level guys if the latter two are as good as advertised. We will have plenty of rookies in all those years to build around those 3.
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    Wed have to sign and trade and send Moore, Hill their way

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