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Thread: Gentry & Staff Safe?

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    We found something he is good at doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelifan View Post
    Is it bad to say Alvin Gentry has won me over and it has literally nothing to do with his coaching ability?
    If Griffin thinks Gentry is the guy then Iím perfectly fine with that. Many here think they know more then Gentry about basketball but thatís just not the case. With what he has been given I think he has done a very good job. Last season took us to the playoffs minus a max contract slot in Cousins and swept the Blazers. No coach in the NBA would have had us a playoff team in the situation we were in. Give Gentry the right players along with the staff and this team can be very good. Not my first choice but he is a solid option that players love to play for.

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