This interview was done on the day before Griffin took the job here in New Orleans. So it's as hot off the press as you're going to get.

Here's some highlights:

When asked about life on the front lines of the NBA: ''[...] And it’s particularly fun when you have a young team and you’re seeing them grow within the cauldron that is expectations. It’s so much fun to see guys respond to pressure, and that’s a huge step that you need to see. You need to watch that happen and know that your young kids can do it. So from a front-office perspective, it’s exciting because you learn so much about what you’re really about.

Once you’re in the playoffs, oh my god, you hang on to everything. Every call is bad that goes against you. Every decision that gets made by anybody outside of your control is staggeringly difficult to accept. The league suspends somebody. The league fines somebody. Everything becomes so magnified in terms of its significance to you. It’s a very revealing process in and of itself.

And I think people tend to – when I say people, I mean fans and casual basketball fans – focus so much on results and outcome that they don’t focus on how much you learn about your team and the direction of your team in the process of competing.''

When asked about the possibility of working in the NBA again: ''[...] In the right environment, with the right ownership, I’m very interested. [...] I’m really grateful that for literally every job that opens, somebody writes that I’m a candidate.

But the vast majority of the jobs that open aren’t attractive because they don’t fit who I am. So if one were to be available that does fit who I am, I would be really excited to pursue it.''

Some good answers in here. Not TOO much about the Pelicans, but it gives some insight into how Griff has been thinking recently, and what he thinks of a few other teams (He talks a fair amount about Utah, for example).