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Thread: Today in troll news (NBA News)

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    Today in troll news (NBA News)


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    If he didn’t have KG, Ray, and Doc he wouldn’t have a ring.

    PP wasnt a scrub, but he was never on Wade’s level. Wade was here

    Paul was here.
    If you Jimmer it, they will come.

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    ^^^^^ Basically.

    Pierce is a great. His jersey is retired, he'll be a hall of famer, it's all deserved. But the difference between him and Wade is clear, and significant.
    Paying attention to the next draft too early.

    Tyrese Maxey/Isaac Okoro/Oscar Tshiebwe endorser.

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    This is not going well for PP.

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    This is really dark humour here but I still laughed.

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