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Thread: January 9th - New Orleans Pelicans VS Cleveland Cavaliers - 19-22

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    Pelicans January 9th - New Orleans Pelicans VS Cleveland Cavaliers - 19-22

    We have won 3 of our last 4, and one of those games was against the same team we're playing tonight so... 3 game winning streak please? Tonight could see a lot of changes. If we win, we'll move up to 20-22, a win percentage of 47.6%. If the Grizz lose, they fall behind us even further. We need to win tonight to keep pace with the Mavericks, who will almost certainly beat Phoenix, and we move within 1 game of the Jazz if they lose tonight as well.Combine that with the potential for LA losing to a Detroit Pistons team who have been occasionally solid but wildly inconsistent, and this could be great for us. If LA, Utah, and the Grizz all lose, then even if the Mavs win, we keep moving up the ladder.

    Cleveland are 8-33. We beat them by 35 the last time we played, less than a week ago. Since then, they lost again, to Indiana. They have not won a game since over a month ago, They are appalling. I'm not going to list all the details of their team since nothing has chanced since last time we played, and it's not even been that long. All I hope is that the team shows up again tonight ready to play.

    As you may have heard, Moore is out tonight but Mirotic is back in. Gentry says his minutes will probably be limited, but still, if he can give us even a few shots in his 20 or 25 minutes that look good, it'll be encouraging with this rough road trip coming up. Tonight should not be a struggle. Tonight should be an easy win to help us keep building morale. I would be aiming for at least a 15 point victory if I'm a member of the team tonight, and I wouldn't be surprised if it came close to twice that again as Cleveland have lost by at least 25 in three of their last four games.

    Not too much to say. Let's go and #DoItBig.
    Watching Pelicans games is what Georges Bataille meant by limit experiences.

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    Take care of business tonight and that sets up a possible game for 9th place with the T-wolves on Saturday. Its on the road but they will be on the second night of a B2B.

    I really think Payton is the key, really a starting caliber PG that can also defend starters is the key to Gentry's system.

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    Man, refs aren't even watching. Cavs have decided that in lieu of playing defense, they'll just bear hug AD on defense and push him on offense to no calls.

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    So far best refs of the season

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    We bear hugging them too.

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    Mirotic is on the court, repeat, Mirotic is ON the court.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wnelson View Post
    We bear hugging them too.
    Yeah I was exaggerating a little, they've been alright. There had just been three awful no calls on consecutive possessions and it ticked me off

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    Wow we cannot hit anything right now. We're shooting sub-35%

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    Come on, where was that rotation?! AD was on Hood, someone had to rotate to Delly and nobody did. Just stood around watching.

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    why does gentry take so long to call a time out when teams are on a run? normal coaches call it a lot sooner before their team is down double digits

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    Absolutely no excuse for this. Awful first quarter performance overall. Some good moments, good possessions, and sure there's only so much you can do to stop them hitting the contested threes, but the overall quarter was woeful.

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    End of the first, we're down 13 to the Cavs. Unjustifiable.

    AD has 6 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, a steal, and 2 blocks. 3 of his rebounds are offensive.

    But the team is shooting 8 of 26, and Cleveland cannot miss from 3. PArt of that is that they're getting a lot of wide open looks, but even the contested ones are dropping clean.

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    Frank;'s shooting well tho

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    Tell me we are not actually losing by 15 to this team?

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    Cavs shooting better from 3 than we are from the FT line

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    Only losing by 10 to a d league team now.

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    why leave Frazier in there and take out frank who's doing something

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    Oh boy, and Randle is injured!


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    Quote Originally Posted by AstroFire View Post
    Only losing by 10 to a d league team now.
    Dude stfu do you evee get tired of being a pathetic troll? like is your life tht sad?

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    Why can't we get a break with injuries?

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    tell me how in just a few weeks niko completely forgot how to play this sport

    edit: finally!

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    Good final three minutes to cut the deficit to 4 at halftime. We can still totally win this game, they're barely ahead despite everything going their way and us playing badly. We come out in the third with our heads screwed on straight and we can blast right into the lead.

    Payton hadn't hit a single shot until 1:26 left in the 2nd quarter, and Jrue is 2 for 5 for 4 points explains where a lot of the issues are coming from.

    AD doing everything with some great defense at points here. He has 13/9/4/2/3

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    And AD is already active, getting to the FT line, drawn two fouls, into the double double, and another block already

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    AD has 6 offensive rebounds.

    Career high is 9.

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