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Thread: Pels vs Wizards Thread

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    Pels vs Wizards Thread

    If we win tonight and the trailblazers lose, we will be the 3 seed I believe.

    Also if we win we will break the franchise record of the longest win streak.

    AD listed as doubtful.

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    surley they are warming up already.. is AD out there warming up?

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    AD is out tonight.

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    Should be interesting! I'm really looking forward to this one, feeling pretty optimistic about it. Jrue's confidence is sky-high, him and Beal should be a wash, and the rest of the roster is pretty evenly matched, with a slight edge to Oubre off the bench. But guys like Miller, Clark and/or Diallo could step up and have big games, so we shall see!

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    Fun streak while it lasted

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    Quote Originally Posted by jprdbulldog20 View Post
    Fun streak while it lasted
    If anyone beats us it will be bc we beat ourselves or porter will just get hot!

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    Not bad so far. Just got to start making shots. Like the energy on defense so far

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    Even without AD we should beat this team! Diallo, mirotic, rondo, clarke gotta be scoring threats tonight

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    Mirotic was a steal! Dude is a lot better than people give him credit for!

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    I think the goal is to just keep it close until the end of the game and then hope to win some 50 50 balls.

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    Jrue where are you

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    Jrue has never handled an end of quarter ball without bobbling it. Lol

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    This defense with Mir, Okafor, and Diallo is like night and day from the start of the season. Love their energy.

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    If we insist on keeping Rondo in the starting lineup I don't understand why we would not start Miller over Moore for this game. Makes absolutely no sense to not have Miller on Porter for majority of this game for his D and matching his 3 point scoring. Let Moore be a bench spark for a game.

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    We've missed so many wide open 3s.

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    Can't really afford to waste all these 3pt shoots if we are that cold.

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    Diallo playing some great D.

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    Nice couple plays by Diallo to get our 1st lead.

    Couldnt have asked for a better start to the game. We gained the lead with our starters on the bench.

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    "Diallo playing like he is from Wakanda" JD on the radio

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    Why is it the same ref calling everything against us

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    Needed AD to suit up. Couldn't afford this loss

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    You have got to love these touch foul crap

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    Sad...inconsistent Jrue decide to show up for the one game AD is out.

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    We got no respect from the refs on offense, they can defend pretty much the way they want and we got no calls

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    Well that self imploded quick.

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