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Thread: Pels Vs. Kings

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    Meanwhile the Cavs are blowing it to the Nuggets
    Watching Pelicans games is what Georges Bataille meant by limit experiences.

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    Jokic went off in the 3rd. Only a 2-pt game going into the 4th.

    "I'm not going to allow my putative owner to answer that question, this is an NBA related press conference. Paul Tagliabue and Roger Goodell have collectively sung their praises of Tom and if uh ESPN has a problem with that tell Mr. Skipper to call me at my office."

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    Quote Originally Posted by PelicanNation View Post
    Him and portis fighting for minutes at the same position, no problem getting time here lol
    Him and Portis fighting for fighting.
    If you Jimmer it, they will come.

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    Portis vs Niko beef timeline.

    This is an interesting read if you want to know how things went down.


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    Spurs v GSW
    Boston V Minny

    Could be two games clear in 4th tomorrow.

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    good team win...

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    Let's go Cleveland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wnelson View Post
    Let's go Cleveland.
    LeBron just being The King down the stretch

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    Lebron wants this one

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    Nikola Jokic has to be one of the worst defenders in the league, no?

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    Whiskey tango foxtrot. Thanks lebron

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    good news: lebron single handedly taking denver out

    bad news: AD's ankle swelling significantly. can't imagine we beat anyone without both him and boogie

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    LeBron man.

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    10 win in a row! Hopes AD is ok and will play on friday vs Wizards.

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    It feels so weird to see the winds of the NBA gods blowing in the Pelicans favor.

    Just bought tickets to the Hornets game on Tuesday for the girlfriend and I, was pleasantly surprised to see the vast majority of tickets gone and the sections we normally buy seats in going up in price. Love the signals that these upcoming home games after this win streak should be seeing a proportional uptick in attendance.

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    LeBron saves the Cavs and Denver loses it

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    According to the post game, Pelicans win on Friday and we are the third seed

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    Bruh ESPN is the worst

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