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    Mek Effect


    Davis wasn't the only one blocking shots for New Orleans. Emeka Okafor, now in his second 10-day contract after being out of the league for four-plus seasons, had five blocks to go with seven rebounds in a little less than 18 minutes.

    ''My role as of now is just to do all the little things, you know, play good defense, grab rebounds,'' the 35-year-old Okafor said. ''It feels great that we're winning and I feel like I'm contributing in some form or fashion. ... but I'm just falling back on my go-to of, when in doubt, play good defense and just rebound the basketball and run.''

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    He was superb last night and his contributions shouldn’t go unnoticed. In his limited court time he pulled off some big plays at both ends and kept us in the game.
    He’s been a superb signing, so far.
    '' We are here!!''

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    Enema GOAT-kafor.
    Watching Pelicans games is what Georges Bataille meant by limit experiences.

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