As you may know, the illegal wildlife trade is a $16+ billion industry. Protecting endangered species and habitats transcends all political and socio-economic lines. The economic numbers alone should be enough to get everyone's attention. Long-term, we're talking about an opportunity for bettering people’s lives and with that building more stable countries.

With that said...

We are looking to create a volunteer College Ambassador network to help with our social media, promote the WAG brand and to provide feedback for growth strategies. We are not asking for contributions or donations from our Ambassadors or their friends and family. We are simply trying to organically build awareness and following – primarily through our Twitter/Facebook/Instagram pages.

Wildlife Aviation Group is not a political organization. We are not looking for activists, just college students wanting to make a difference by helping curtail poaching of endangered species, illegal fishing and logging.

We’re looking for students with:

• Experience with Social Media
• Ability to Effectively Communicate
• Ability to Work Independently
• Passion About Making a Difference

We still have a way to go, but if you are interested in participating or know of someone who might be interested in this volunteer program, please drop me a note with your email, current school, year of graduation and a brief reason of why you’d like to make a difference with us. We have received several inquiries already and are greatly appreciated of everyone’s enthusiasm.

Even if you are not interested in being an Ambassador, please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ our social media pages listed below.
Twitter: @WildlifeAirGrp
FB: @WildlifeAviation