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Thread: Brees Plays Perfect Despite Injury; Saints Dominate Last Home Game

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    Brees Plays Perfect Despite Injury; Saints Dominate Last Home Game

    "The stars of the game were without a doubt Drew Brees and Tim Hightower. Early last week, we all discovered that Brees had torn his plantar fascia in his right foot in the Monday night loss to Detroit. He continuously insisted that he planned to play the final two games of the season, despite what is said to be an extremely painful injury to deal with. Most of us questioned why Sean Payton and the coaching staff would even allow him to play, but medical experts stated that he could not further damage his foot and it was simply an issue of pain tolerance. Well, Brees seemed to tolerate the pain just fine, on his way to a flawless performance that may have been his cleanest of the season. As for Hightower, the man continues to battle back from an injury history that would end most players’ careers. He had a career day, eclipsing 100 yards rushing for the first time in five years, along with two touchdown runs."

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    Wonder why Pels don't use Drew's medical team?

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