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Thread: Saints Canít Win Without Brees; Fall in Carolina 27-22

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    Saints Unable to Win Without Brees; Fall in Carolina 27-22

    "It was hard to expect much out of the New Orleans Saints as they went on the road to face the 2-0 Carolina Panthers. They were 0-2, coming off of their sixth straight home loss, already in a hole, and most importantly, without their starting quarterback. Drew Brees was forced to sit out with an injury for the first time in his career in black and gold. Twelve year veteran Luke McCown was set to start for the first time since 2011. The Panthers had gotten off to a hot start. The Saints had not. There was absolutely nothing working in New Orleansí favor when this game kicked off. Somehow, though, they went out and competed. Despite losing 27-22, McCown was just about a yard short of hitting what could have been a game-winning touchdown and solidifying the credibility of his new Verizon Wireless commercial that stated that back-ups may shine if they only had the chance. He didnít necessarily light it up, but McCown truly did just about all the Saints could ask for, aside from the one costly mistake."

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