"The Saints defense has been very up and down to start the year. Their play was spotty throughout the Week 1 match-up with the Arizona Cardinals, then it was a tale of two halves against Tampa Bay. In the first half, along with the first drive of the third quarter, New Orleans really struggled to put pressure on Jameis Winston and stop the run. After that, they locked the Buccaneers down, holding them to three field goals, a few of which were set up off of offensive turnovers. They’ve struggled to get a consistent pass rush with their front four, forcing Rob Ryan to send blitzes to get anything going. The secondary has played very aggressive, but they have drawn quite a few penalties. There has been some promise, but consistency has been the main issue."

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Hey, folks. As I mention in the preview, I did the defensive side first because of exactly what we found out today. I typically do the offensive preview first, but I wanted more concrete information regarding Drew Brees' playing status. Thank goodness that I did that, because we now know he will not play. The offensive preview will be out tomorrow with a look at what Luke McCown may be able to do with the offense. Let us know what you think! Thanks for stopping by!