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Thread: Drew Brees Update

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    Drew Brees Update

    "Obviously, all of us as both those who cover the team and the fans will be part of a waiting game throughout the week. Sean Payton is always very mum on talking about injuries, giving the minimum information required by NFL rules, so don’t expect to hear too much from him. There’s probably a better chance that Brees himself gives better detail. He’s a competitor, so it would not shock me one bit to see him suit up. My opinion, though, is that if sitting out one game means that his shoulder will be significantly more healed for the rest of the season, I think he should sit out. Unfortunately, though, all we have is speculation for a few days, so as we near Sunday’s matchup with the Carolina Panthers, we’ll adjust the previews based on the news."


    The latest news since I wrote this piece is that Brees was a limited participant in practice today and he stated that he "has every intention to play on Sunday". As he continues to rehab throughout the week, what he can do in practice and ultimately in the game all comes down to how his shoulder responds. Stay here for the latest updates!

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    Nice. I hope to see him on the field Sunday.

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    For those who haven't heard, Sean Payton said in his press conference this afternoon that Brees will NOT play on Sunday. He stated that Brees made progress throughout the week, but he did not feel as if he was where he needed to be to suit up for the game. Luke McCown will start against the Panthers and Brees will continue to be day to day going forward.

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