Rookies with A Potential get 2 Training Sessions and can only be used once a year starting After their rookie year.
Rookies with B potential get 1 Training Session and can only be utalized at the end of the first year.
All other non-rookies:
- Inside Scoring 30 Points
- Jump Shot 35 Points
- Three-Point Shooting 40 Points
- Ball Handling 25 Points
- Passing 25 Points
- Stealing 25 Points
- Shot Blocking 25 Points
- Post Defense 30 Points
- Perimeter Defense 25 Points
- Drive Defense 25 Points
- Offensive Rebounding 25 Points
- Defensive Rebounding 25 Points
NOTE: Not all camps will produce the same increase, but no camp will produce a negative change in a category. You can only do this in the offseason or during the All-Star Break. You cannot train a player more than once in a season, and you cannot train a player more than three times in their career.

Waive the 4th year of a rookie salary: $25
Has your 1st round draft pick turned out to be a bust? No problem! Cut the 4th year off his salary and move on.

Increase Player's Potential - $5 per point
Increase a player's true potential. Maximum 10 points per year. Maximum 15 total points over a player's career.